Simple Kitchen For Micro Apartment Design Ideas

Having a narrow house is indeed a problem, especially for those of you who have a lot of things. To overcome this problem, spatial planning is needed that is able to provide enough space even though the land is narrow in your micro apartment.

The key to the convenience of living in a room that is limited or just one room is to be selective about the furniture that you buy, don’t often buy what you like, but think first about how much impact you put on new furniture in your home.

In the sample photo of the room above, you can imitate making a partition between the kitchen and your bed by placing a kind of cupboard so that the partition can be a versatile storage area.
To store glasses and plates or other cooking utensils, you can simply make a shelf attached to the closet between the kitchen and the bedroom. You can make 3 or more stacking racks, so you can load more things.

SImple Kitchen for Micro Apartment
SImple Kitchen for Micro Apartment

Given the limitations of space, do not make a large dining table, look for a dining table that is quite small and elongated so that it fits properly in your small kitchen, try to keep the kitchen set to a minimum

Or a more unique way, putting a bed over the kitchen, this idea really saves you space even though you have to go upstairs to sleep, but why not. Your kitchen can be wider and you can freely cook anything without nudging other furniture.

Make sure the height of your room is enough to make a bed above the kitchen, all that is needed is high and more for the kitchen while the bed is enough for half.

No matter how spacious your residence is, you will be able to enjoy it if you are wise in managing the layout of your furniture. Hopefully this article is useful to make your small apartment more comfortable

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