Natural Scandinavian Minimalist Apartment

The style of home decoration that is popular today is Scandinavian, The term Scandinavian Design itself originated from design exhibitions in America and Canada around the 1950s. From the name we can know that this design is related to the way of life of northern Europeans.

The most prominent thing in Scandinavian design is the combination of white and natural wood patterns. A style that describes the outdoor atmosphere by preferring to pair natural wood and neutral colors rather than bold and burning colors. This style is also very related to the climate and atmosphere of the landscape (lakes, forests, mountains).

To prepare a Scandinavian interior design it’s not difficult to just provide lots of white wall paint and wood furniture.

Paint all the walls using white paint, if possible color your floor with white to make it brighter. Most Scandinavian styles use wood floors which are of course painted white rather than using carpets.

Scandinavian home palette colors can use light gray in addition to white and dark blue and gray colors on the fabric in home decor creating the right Scandinavian atmosphere.

No less important is to enter the outdoor elements into the room. Provide a terrace or balcony that can be used with the plants because Scandinavians love nature.

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